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Rose asked me if I liked what she was doing and to be honest I really did I haven’t felt this sexually close with a girl since Amy plus a girl has never come on to me before this was really exciting so I was honest with her I told her I did but I was worried we were going to get caught her teacher kept hovering over us being a cockblock, Rose soon got rid of her then asks me to touch her, my nerves increased I proceeded to lightly graze her thigh with my hand she then egged me on to touch her pussy I looked around to see if anyone was watching then proceeded to rub her clit through her pants with my thumb I could see Rose’s eyes close and lean back at my touch she told me I could finger her I decided to act dumb and ask how we were going to do it, I watched Rose unclasp her shorts and she took my hand up her shorts and I was met with something extremely wet I managed to rub the folds of her pussy lips and I mean she was beyond wet when I withdrew my finger I had to wave my hand to get her juices of. Black Dick Akashiki – Taimanin Asagi Perfect Girl… The night came I was soon greeted at my door by Rose we spent a little time talking till I asked her what she wanted to do she was hinting at sex but didn’t want to admit it I went out right and told her we can have sex if she wants I didn’t have to ask her twice.

Hentai: Furry MILFtails

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