Twerk Hanshou Himegoto – Kantai Collection Italiana

My speech is abruptly cut

As he curbs my mouth with his tongue
He turns me on, my nipples are hard
He removes my skirt
We've been doing this for months
And I seldom cum

Yet I can't resist what's about to come
He injects his fingers into my cunt
He then put them in his mouth and slowly sucks
He throws me on the sack
He removes his pants

Exposing his cock, wet with pre-cum
And yes, I hate that it's large
It always makes my cunt hurt after we fuck
I remove my panties and bra
And he thrusts his giant into my snatch

He fucks me rough
And twat feels every thrust
My tits feel every single touch
Hoping he will last long enough
Long enough to make me cum

Not a chance, he cums too fast. [suati] Gundog TRPG Revised… .

Hentai: (Kamata Chinjufu 2) [Re_Clel (feiren)] Hanshou Himegoto (Kantai Collection -KanColle-)

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(蒲田鎮守府弐) [Re_Clel (feiren)]半宵 秘メ事(艦隊これくしょん-艦これ-)

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