[raje (Hirano Kei)] Pero Tora! (Inazuma Eleven) [Digital]

The shield in the secret room in my temple can stop anything regardless of speed, the Woman or three Unas in the secret room will never be able to get to me as long as my shield is active, these are the shields Goa'uld mother ships use. The title of Pharoh and the promise of 1000 years of perfect health and any Woman you desire is a powerful incentive so at the end of every month Richter must defend his title against an opponent who's willing to do anything to take Richters place, this makes the fights so much more exciting and provides entertainment to my Nerothians and myself.

Hentai: [raje (Hirano Kei)] Pero Tora! (Inazuma Eleven) [Digital]

Pero Tora! 1Pero Tora! 2Pero Tora! 3Pero Tora! 4Pero Tora! 5Pero Tora! 6Pero Tora! 7Pero Tora! 8Pero Tora! 9Pero Tora! 10Pero Tora! 11Pero Tora! 12Pero Tora! 13Pero Tora! 14Pero Tora! 15Pero Tora! 16Pero Tora! 17Pero Tora! 18Pero Tora! 19Pero Tora! 20Pero Tora! 21Pero Tora! 22Pero Tora! 23Pero Tora! 24Pero Tora! 25Pero Tora! 26Pero Tora! 27Pero Tora! 28Pero Tora! 29Pero Tora! 30Pero Tora! 31Pero Tora! 32Pero Tora! 33Pero Tora! 34Pero Tora! 35

[らじぇ (平野渓)]ぺろとら!(イナズマイレブン) [DL版]

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