Defloration [Pixiv] 進藤伊那 (30663054) [Pixiv] 進藤伊那 (30663054) Amante

it all started when i moved in with my cousin for a month she was having problembs with an ex boyfriend she had just turned 15 and he didnt come to her party and when she said something about it he hit her her stepdad was a on methhe didnt give a shit so i had to do somethin i kew where he kept his gun it was in a nike shoebox in the closet i grabbed it and ran out the door i noticed he now had a knife in his hand he started to draw back as he did all i heard was a her screaming she ran at me and strted hiting me and screaming at me i took her inside she had blood all over her i took her to the bathroom and turned on the shower i told heer to clean her self up i called the police and and they came and took the body i went back inside and laid down on my bed and closed my eyes moments later something pulled at my shirt i opened my eyes it was heather my cousin she was in a loss for words but then she kissed me and said thank you and then she lefti laid in bed for a minute and decided to go see if she was ok i walked out of my room down the hall and opened the door she was naked all but a thing covered her body she looked up and saw me i closed the door and said sorry she said it was fine she opened the door and pulled me in she told me that she owed her life to me so it was sort of payback if anything i looked down at her i admired her bodie i started to get hard i tried to stop it but she had already seen it she called me a perv and kissed me then she sat on my lap and my hands started to feel her body i started on her ass and i moved up i put my hands on her abs still going upward i had come to her breasts i cupped them in my handsthen she pushed herself off of me and got down onto her knees she undid my pants and they fell to the ground and then my dick sparng up she looked confused and then i realized she was still a virgin she didnt know what to do so i told her to open her mouth she did and she took my dick in her hand and started licking the head and then she opened her mouth and started to suck she massaged my head with her tongue i was about to come and she knew it so she kept sucking until i came she swallowed and stood up and pulled down her thng and climbed on top of my i guided my dick in and she thrust down and busted her hymen she jumped off and let an oww out i told her it was only for a second it would hurt she climbed back on top she did it all this time she had the tightest pusst i had ever felt and she was so wet she didnt know what to do so i started bouncing her up and down until she got the hang of it then she threw her head back and let an aww escape from her lips and she orgasmed and her pussy tightened up causing me to come she laid on top of me and kissed me and she said arnt you happy u stayed at ur cousins i got up and went to my room and went to sleep and woke up the next morning with her ontop of me after she was done she told me to take a shower and come to the kitchen for some breakfast i i jumped into the shower turned the water on and i heard the door open and heather said hi aimy after i got out of the shower and got dressed i went out to the kitchen to find heather and aimy studing hether said ther was breakfeast on the stove she had coocked eggs bacon and pancakes i made my plate and then sat down at the table and asked what they were studing for aimy answered its for geography on central europe and she started telling me about it and i felt kind of stupid not knowing anything she told me so i finished breakfast and turned on the tv heather went into my room then came back out and told aimy to go to her room then she wispered in my ear i left u somethin on your bed so i got up and went to my room it was a dvd so i put in the dvd player and it came on it was aimy and heater stripping and playing with eachother aimt was about 5'6 115 pounds blonde hair brown eyes with perfect c cup tits and at the end it said come to my room i have a preaseant for you so i get up and i hear moaning so i open the door and i see heather with her legs open and aimy licking her pussy wildliy i was already hard so i dropped my pants and snuck up be hind aimy she had her legs spread so i grabbed my dick i forced my way in quickly she junped but the relaxed knowin it was me she started moving back and forth at a nice speed slamming her ass into my thighs until she came she let out a scream and i pushed her aside and put my dick inside of heather now i started to move my thighs back and forth faster and faster until i came then aimy pushed me on the bed and got ontop of me giving me no time to recover and she had her way with me aimy got dressed and left and heather told me we were even now and she didnt want to have sex anymore i said fine then she went to sleep but i wasnt finished with her just yet i flipped her over and put her up on her knees and got nic and hard and i put it in her ass she woke up and started screaming for me to stop but i wouldnt she couldnt stop me i just had my fun with her after i was done i tied her to the bed with her legs spread apart and i gagged her i went to the kitchen and when i came back i had a vibrator that was a strapon and i put it on her insde out and turned it on full and left i came back about two hours later took it off and then i was going to have myself some fun first i started to lick her pussy but she just struggled so i went and called aimy and told hey to coe over i told her heather left for a couple hours so i took her in my bedroom and told her to strip as she did so did i as soon as she was naked i threw her on my bed and climbed on top she told me to slow down and be gentle but i wanted nothing to do with it i went my hardest until she was alost in tears because of how sore her pussy was then she left and i went to have some fun with heater. 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Hentai: [Pixiv] 進藤伊那 (30663054) [Pixiv] 進藤伊那 (30663054)

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